Nominating a Horse to the Sale

Thank you for your interest in the 2021 Spring Riding Horse Sale.

Please read the entire 2021 Nomination Information Package.

Horse Nomination Package 2021

Choose one of the two options to nominate a horse

  1. Complete the Online Nomination Form or
  2. Download / complete the PDF form and mail or scan / email to the office.

1. Online Nomination Form

Use the online form to nominate your horse for the sale. Before you begin, you must have a scan of the horse’s registration papers or application for registration and a digital left side full body profile photograph of the horse. The nomination form will require you to attach these items. The form allows you to save a partially completed form (link at the very bottom of the form) and return later if you need to find a missing piece of information. When you click “Submit”, you will receive an email with all the information you completed on the Nomination Form.

If there were any errors or incomplete information in your form, the form will not send and you will be directed to the field(s) on the form requiring attention. Your submission has not been accepted until you are redirected to the “Nomination Accepted” page on this website.

The final step is to email transfer the payment or mail a cheque for each nomination. Payments must be received by the nomination deadline. Any incomplete or unpaid nominations will be placed on a waitlist.

Online Nomination Form

2. Complete the PDF Nomination Form

Download the PDF Nomination Form below, complete all of the required fields, email or print and mail to the office.

This form has fields that are editable on your computer, or you can print it and manually complete all of the fields.

The last step with the PDF Nomination Form is to email the saved/completed form or mail the completed form and all required documentation (copy or original of registration papers, cheque for fees, breeding certificate if applicable, and passport if applicable) to the Sale Office. Email catalogue notes (maximum of 1760 characters) for the nominated horse, its sire, and its dam prior to the nomination deadline.

Nomination Form Fillable 2021

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