Eligible Horses – Spring Riding Horse Sale


Horses eligible for nomination must be registered Canadian Warmblood or with another recognized Warmblood registry (as in 1 and 2 below):

AESBelgium (BWP)Danish (DWB)
Dutch (KWPN)Hanoverian (AHHS, Han)Holsteiner
Swedish (SWB)Selle Francais (ANSF)Trakehner
WESTFZangersheide (ZANG)Oldenburg (GOV + OS)
  1. Warmblood registries which are recognized with WBFSH include, but are not limited to:
    Canadian Sport Horse (CSHA)  Oldenburg Registry North America (ISR – OLD)
  • Providing horses meet CWHBA standards for warmblood registration:


  • Priority will be given to Canadian-born horses with a limited number of imports being permitted at the discretion of the sale committee
  • Special consideration MAY be given to horses with an exceptional show record that the sale committee feels will be an asset to the Spring Riding Horse Sale
  • 25 lots will be accepted for the sale
  • Other Limiting criteria will be based off of Performance and / or Pedigree.

In your nomination, please include as much information as possible about your horse’s performance record, schooling shows, ability (free jump video for a jumper prospect or free movement for dressage prospects), other noteworthy siblings out of the dam-line and any other pertinent information for the selection committee to make their decision.

Prospects * Must be 3 to 6 years of age  Prospects – 5 or older – must be started under saddle 3 or 4 years old – started under saddle or ready to start under saddle. Preference MAY be given to horses that are started.
Performance Horses * Must be 5 to 12 years of agePerformance horses must have shown at a minimum of two EC or USEF rated shows or have proof of attending five schooling shows in the past 18 months. Preference MAY be giving to horse with an outstanding show record.
School Masters ** Must be 8 to 15 years of ageSchool Masters must have shown on average at a minimum of two EC or USEF rated shows per year for the past 4 years with results in the Jr/Am division OR be an upper-level horse who is ready to step down out of the Professional division and take care of a Jr/Am. These horses are meant to be horses who can tolerate and teach a rider the ropes. These horses will be selected and accepted at the discretion of the sale committee – please provide video of the horse at the time of nomination that reflects the horse’s suitability to be a school master.  
         *   As of January 1st, of the year of nomination        
 ** Age limit may be waived for outstanding individuals at the discretion of the sale committee


  • All owners agree that by nominating their horse(s) they will provide the sale with all required veterinary documentation including x-rays in Dicom format, EIA, insurance forms, vaccination record, medication form and videoed flexion tests that will be sent to the admin team by the dates specified in the ‘Important Dates and Deadlines’ section below. Failure to do so will forfeit all fees and your horse will not be sold through the sale!
  • All owners agree that by nominating their horse(s) they will allow them to be tested for any banned substances according to the Equine Canada Medication Control Committee. Every horse will have blood drawn at their PPE and it will be held for 45 days after the sale.
  • Where the owner of a horse is a partnership, limited company, ranch or farm all legal signatories must sign the nomination form.
  • All information and representations of the horses consigned are the sole responsibility of the seller or agent of the seller.
  • The seller acknowledges that each horse consigned is free and clear of all liens, warrants and encumbrances.
  • All original papers and passports must be turned into our office no later than the presentation days, along with corresponding, signed transfer of ownership forms. The Sales Admin can assist you with all documentation. In the case of a pending registration, the registration form and the transfer of ownership must be completed, DNA included (20 hairs from the root) with the DNA form and turned into our office NO later than the presentation days.  

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